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How to Achieve an Advantage at Casino Craps, Part 3

Part 3:  A Visit to the Casino Gambling Web Site

You have read Parts 1 and 2 for developing a controlled throw. They concerned how to set the dice and how to spot other craps shooters who might possess the ability to control the dice, thus achieving an
advantage over the casino.   

Part 3 concerns what other writers and players say about dice control.

The Casino Gambling Guide, Bill Burton, has spent a considerable amount of time in reviewing my dice control course called PARR for Patterson Rhythm Roll.  In fact, he took both the PARR Home Study Course and attended the weekend PARR Clinic in Atlantic City in late February.

At his Web Site, he provides you with a wealth of information about dice control, not just his comments on the PARR Course.

He links you to sites that show you how to set the dice and how to throw the dice and show you many different dice sets that you can choose from.   

One site actually gives you the plans for building your own miniature craps table so you can practice your controlled throw at home.

If you're not familiar with the game, you will find a lesson on how to play and even a craps game that you can play where no money changes hands.

He also is chairing a discussion group on dice control.  You can check in and see what others are saying about this hot gambling topic which has been growing in popularity in direct proportion to the sales of **Casino Gambling.**

All of this information is interesting and, I believe, you will find some of it useful, especially if you plan on learning how to control the dice and achieve an edge over the casino on your own.

Why am I directing you to all this free information on dice control when I'm trying to sell you a course?  Because I believe that the more knowledge you have about the game, the more you will come to appreciate the instruction and value contained in the PARR Course (but you can be the judge of this).

I also believe that the only pathway to achieving the status of a consistent and permanent winner at craps is learning dice control via the PARR Pathway.

And I will discuss more about this PARR Pathway, why it is unique, and how you can start your journey in Part 4 -- the final article in this 4-part series.

Part 4 contains a special offer, a free audiotape I will send you containing sound bites of my instructors and students discussing the most important of the five linchpins of dice control -- The Zone.

What is The Zone?  It's all described in Part 4.

Go on to lesson 4

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