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Microgaming introduced its new generation Viper software in early 2004.  Viper made a big splash fast introducing players to some very innovative and unique laying tools, as well as enhanced interface, graphics, navigation and sounds.

The two key featured of viper software are Expert mode and Auto-play mode - both giving players a great opportunity to maximize their playing returns and thus get the best value for their gambling dollar possible.  

When playing at a casino running on Viper software, you can choose to play either normal mode, Expert mode or Auto-play mode.  

When playing in Viper's Expert mode, the casino will actually allert you when your bet choice is not the optimum play, and advise what that optimum play would be, giving you the choice of proceeding with your original bet choice, or going with the suggested option.  So if you were playing Blackjack, and you chose to sit when sound blackjack basic strategy would recommend you hit, the software will actually let you know this and allow you to correct your bet.  Pretty cool hey!

The upshot of this nifty little tool is that when playing Viper Expert mode, you can basically play as a seasoned pro, and minimize the casino house edge and therefore maximize your winnings.

Viper's Auto-play mode goes a step further and basically plays the game for you.  You set your bet amount, hit the go button and the software basically does the rest - playing out the game for you.  Its set and forget, and of course, the bet choices made by the software follow optimal bet strategy for all games so that as in Expert mode, your returns are maximized.  Its kind of like a cheat-bot that other online casinos would ban you for using.

Auto play is great for ensuring you don't make any wrong moves, but if you ask me it does remove any decision making element from your game play, and also doesn't help you learn sound betting strategy like Expert play mode.

Microgaming's Viper also offers a few other minor benefits over the older generation software, including improved graphics, sound and navigation.

So what do we think of Viper on the whole...the hype is justified.  Microgaming set out to offer a unique tool in their new generation software that would enhance the online casino playing experience and differentiate their offering from other software providers, and did succeed.

So do all Microgaming casinos offer Viper?

Some Microgaming casinos still run on older generation software, but the majority do now have Viper.  Most casinos offering Viper advertise this fact pretty clearly so you shouldn't have too many troubles working out whether your chosen casino has it or not.  

Our favorite Viper casinos include:

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