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Online Poker Bots

One of the main attractions of the online poker offering is that you are not playing against a machine.  When you play blackjack at an online casino you are playing against a machine (unless you are playing live dealer games).  Online poker presented an opportunity for players to play against other real people, all be it via a virtual medium.

But the chatter in poker rooms amongst seasoned players that bots are becoming more prevalent is getting louder and louder.  And this could destroy the 'real player comfort' of many more

The US vs WTO round 2?

Just last month, a report into US gambling laws undertaken by the European Trade Commission has concluded that US online gambling laws are discriminatory, lacking in justification and in breach of international free trade undertakings by the more

Playing slots online - are returns any better?

Slots are one of the few casino games where return to player rates are actually predetermined by operator to tend to a set return over a given period.  This begs the question, which pays out more - online slots or slots at traditional land based gaming venues and casinos.  Our analysis might surprise more

WTO Interim Ruling Against U.S Internet Gambling Restrictions

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has been at the center of an ecommerce challenge between the tiny Carribean Island nation-state of Antigua and Barbuda and the U.S since March, 2003.  The tiny island depends heavily on online gambling to fund its struggling economy which relied heavily on internet gambling after the nationís original economic staple, sugar exportation, took a devastating decline in the 1960ís. The new-found economy was hit hard by restrictions made by the U.S in recent years. more

The Online Poker Revolution

Itís the fastest growing online gambling sector, and soon, even mums and dads will have an opportunity to share in the spoils of this gambling juggernaut if one of the industryís giants goes public later this year in an IPO that is sure to make waves. more

Online casinosÖto swap or not to swap

With over 1,500 online casinos to choose from, finding one that suits your playing habits and preferences can seem a really daunting task.   I mean they sound so fabulous and enticing, offering to provide you with a gaming experience akin to being transported to some far-off exotic location, amongst luxurious surrounds, golden sunsets, beautiful people and the promise of the potential to win a fortune. more

Chasing winnings...a smart play or recipe for disaster?

One of the age-old questions raised and speculated on time and time again is whether a skilled player can beat the casino over the long term.  You might have found a system that is touted as a sure-thing that guarantees long term winnings.  Heck, you donít have to search very hard online to find a litany of web sites peddling their sure-fired, canít lose, guaranteed to work (but no refunds, sorry) betting system that has made the inventor millions and had the casinos begging for mercy. more

Security issues playing online

One of the key reservations any new players have in gambling online, is security of their deposited funds and transaction details.  Many people have concerns offering their credit card details to even the most reputable e-tailers, let alone those operating in an industry (gambling) that is commonly considered to be a favoured domain of unsavoury elements.  So should you be concerned offering credit card details, or depositing generally with an online casino? more

2004 - The year of the High Roller

The financial results of Australian media and gambling company PBL Limited have revealed a substantial dent in casino earnings for year to December 2004.  And the main reason for the reduced revenue was winning streak enjoyed by high rollers just before Christmas. more


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