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Security issues playing online


One of the key reservations any new players have in gambling online, is security of their deposited funds and transaction details.  Many people have concerns offering their credit card details to even the most reputable e-tailers, let alone those operating in an industry (gambling) that is commonly considered to be a favoured domain of unsavoury elements.  So should you be concerned offering credit card details, or depositing generally with an online casino?


There are essentially two concerns here:


1.      Can I trust the casino with my funds?

2.      Is it safe giving my credit card details online?


Obviously, the answer to the first question depends on the casino that you are dealing with.  As with any industry, online and off, the online casino industry is made up of a large group of honest operators, and a very small group of rogues who give the industry a bad name.  The fact that it is a largely self-regulated means that able to operate with relative impunity, and will therefore probably always be around in varying numbers.  


The good news though, is that there are plenty of established, reputable casinos that have been operating without incident for many years now and have invested a great deal of time and money in building a recognised and respected brand that they would be loath to damage with any controversial player disputes – particularly on such a transparent medium like the internet.  


So the key here is to pick your casino well.  And doing this is simple… stick with the big names like 7 Sultans Casino or The Gaming Club, or casinos that are part of well known casino groups like the Fortune Lounge group or Belle Rock Gaming.


The answer to the second question is also pretty simple – yes, and if you are not satisfied that this is correct, it shouldn’t matter anyway, as there are many alternatives.  Deposits made with any reputable online casino are handled through 128-bit encryption security.  


When you enter the secure page to enter personal details you will see a small padlock in the bottom right side toolbar of your browser.  What this means, is that it is every bit as safe entering your credit card details at an online casino as it is at (who use the same level of security encryption).

But if you’re still not convinced, don’t worry because you can still play online line without having to submit credit card details.   Casinos offer many other deposit options that are simple, effective and secure.  Most notable, are a number of virtual wallet services like NeTeller.  For a complete list of common deposit options and which casino offer them, check out our online casino deposit options process.


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