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One of the biggest advantages of online gambling is that players can take their time before taking action. Use this advantage. Players should ensure they are in a calm environment that way each move they make is free of pressure and more likely to be a sensible, more rewarding decision!


Many casinos offer free chips. Shop around choose a casino with a big sign-up bonus and have fun!


Most online casinos claim to offer 24/7 online support few actually deliver. Where possible, players should call a casino before playing to ensure the claimed support is in fact available to them.

third party audited returns

Players should choose to play at a casino that offers this service. Third party reviews of the casino returns suggests the casino is trustworthy. Players should not get too caught up in the reviews however. Simply because a casino has had a history of high returns to the player does not guarantee every individual player better odds; it is likely such a casino has just had more sophisticated players using its site. Only player skill and game mathematics dictate the casino returns.


In the event of a serious problem, players should ensure the casino they are playing with has a real license.

All the casinos listed on this site have real licenses. If a player chooses to use another casino, they should ensure the license is real. This can be verified by visiting our industry organization page which has links to well known licensing jurisdictions.


Choosing the right casino is not always easy. If a player is happy with the casino they have chosen, there is little need to shop around further. Ensuring you are with a reputable casino can be hard so stay loyal.

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