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How to Achieve an Advantage at Casino Craps, Part 4

Part 4:  The Five Skills Necessary to Achieve a Consistent and Permanent Advantage over the Casinos
including The Zone (See offer for free audiotape at end of this Part 4)

Craps is the only casino game in which the player can create his or her own real edge over the casino.  This is done by learning how to control the dice from the set through the launch and altering the physics of the game -- reducing the chances of the losing 7 occurring during the point cycle, when the shooter is trying to repeat his point number: 4,5,6,8,9,10.

You have read Lessons 1, 2, and 3 of this series of articles for learning how to use dice control create your own advantage at casino craps.

These lessons concerned how to set the dice, how to spot other craps shooters who might possess the ability to control the dice and what other writers and players are saying about dice control.

The Five Skills Required to Achieve an Advantage at Craps Using Dice Control

In my dice control course called PARR for Patterson Rhythm Roll, we call them the five linchpins.  They are:

**  The Set
**  The Grip
**  The Throw
** The Bet
**  The Zone

This last linchpin, the Zone, is the most important and is the subject of the Free Gift described at the end of this Special Report I will send you at your request.

***************** The Set ****************************************

The Set is where it starts. Setting the dice puts the losing sevens out of the way to reduce their chances of hitting.  In **Casino Gambling** Chapter 12, you were introduced to two sets to accomplish this objective -- the 6-T Set and the Quick Set both described on pages 128 and 129.

The Quick Set is the easiest -- just make sure, when the dice are returned to you by the Stickman, that a 7 does NOT show on the side.  If one does, rotate either die a quarter turn to eliminate the losing 7.

***************** The Grip ****************************************

The Grip is important because it prepares you to launch the dice with control.  The recommended Grip, a 3-fingered front, is explained and exhibited in Chapter 12 on page 131 of **Casino Gambling.**

***************** The Throw ****************************************   

The Throw itself is performed with the objective of keeping the dice together in their orbit to minimize their "splatter" during touchdown and roll against the back wall of the table, thus achieving control.  This is accomplished by launching the dice at about a 45-degree angle.  You can visualize a 45-degree angle
by understanding that straight up would be 90 degrees.  So 45 is about halfway between the craps table bed and throwing the dice straight up in the air.

The Throw or Delivery is explained on page 130 of **Casino Gambling.**

Sharpshooter has proved mathematically that it only takes one throw with control out of 43 throws to achieve a break-even status against the casino.

Anything above one controlled throw in 43 and you have turned the tables on the casino and created your own advantage.  For example, Sharpshooter has also shown (on page 124) that if you can throw the dice seven times during the point cycle, instead of the randomsix times, you can achieve an advantage of just under 10% on the 6 and 8 place bets.

Many of our over 500 PARR Players have achieved a Sevens-to-rolls ratio of 1 to 7 or higher.   

Imagine how it would feel to make pass line bets and place bets with the confidence of collecting winnings, sometimes substantial winnings, and have a monster hand before throwing the losing seven?  And all of this based on your own skill level, not dependent on the shuffle at the blackjack table, or the spin of the wheel at roulette, or the fickleness of the baccarat cycles of wins and losses.

Onward to the fourth linchpin.   

***************** The Bet ****************************************

You were introduced to the fourth linchpin -- the Bet -- in Chapter 13 of **Casino Gambling** with alternative betting tactics to match the degree of risk you wish to take and to maximize your chances
of making a profit on the point cycle -- your rolls, and numbers hit --  before throwing the losing 7.  The most important of these are your pass line bet with odds and the 6 and 8 place bets.

***************** The Zone ****************************************

Now comes the most important linchpin of all -- focus and concentration.  We call this "The Zone" and define it as a mental state that allows us to separate from distractions and focus and concentrate on utilizing the muscle memory we have developed for the first three linchpins -- the set, the grip and the throw.

One of the five departed friends I dedicated **Casino Gambling** to was Dr. Steven Heller.  Dr. Heller was a prominent and extremely successful practicing psychologist in the Southern California area who worked with professional athletes showing them how to "zone in" to make contact with the golf ball or sink the three point shot or make solid contact and stroke the baseball, for example.

His legacy to all PARR Players is called The PARR Zone.  In it, he shows craps shooters how to easily "zone in" before each roll of the dice thus maximizing their chances of throwing another winning number.

OK, let's get to the Free Gift I mentioned at the top because it concerns Dr. Heller's application of The Zone to dice control.

Free Audiotape

I would like to send you at no cost or obligation an audiotape.  It begins with Doctor Heller talking about
The Zone and its importance not only in craps, but in other walks of life as well.  This was recorded about six months before his death from pancreatic cancer in November 1997.

Following Dr. Heller is a discussion about The Zone in my most recent PARR Class held in Las Vegas in March 2001.  You will hear Instructors and students discussing their use of the Zone in casino sessions just an hour or so before the tape was recorded.  You will hear them talk about what it meant to their success and about what happened when they were in the Zone and what happened and why when they exited the Zone too quickly.

You will find this audiotape extremely interesting and enlightening even if you have no interest in purchasing the complete PARR Dice Control Course.

Most important of all, this audiotape comes with a special deep discount offer for my PARR dice control course.  You may request this audiotape by e-mailing my Nevada Office at:

Write ZONE in the subject box and your complete snail mail address in the body of the e-mail.  

The six chapters on Dice Control in **Casino Gambling** are a good way to start your dice control career.  You can use the instruction in them to learn dice control on your own.

Why would you want to purchase a dice control course when you can learn the skill on your own?

But here are five reasons you may wish to consider acquiring my PARR Dice Control Course:

1.  PARR is comprehensive:  

The course includes home study, home practice, classroom instruction, dealer school practice at real craps tables and even in-casino training.

2.  PARR comes with a unique betting strategy called "Signature Trend" which gets your money on those numbers you are throwing more often than others - the repeaters!
PARR delivers an advantage over the casino, but you still must bet correctly to exploit that advantage.  Signature Trend gets you on those numbers you are throwing back-to-back-to-back in this hand.  

3.  Your classroom experience features, in my opinion shared by most PARR Players, the best instructor in country, Sharpshooter, who explains and demonstrates the data in a way that makes learning an exciting experience.

4.  PARR comes with a supplemental course on "The Zone."  

Learning dice control is similar to learning a sport; muscle memory is involved.  Zoning in, or focusing, enables you to recall that muscle memory skill and throw the dice the same way every time.

5.  PARR is ongoing.  

You have continuous access to your instructors and scores of other players through an Internet E-mail List Server.  Use it to get your questions answered, to receive updates and enhancements to the PARR
data, to get in-casino critiques of your throwing form, and, best of all, to connect with other PARR Players and multiply your profits through joint play. No other dice control learning program even comes close!

Best of all, you can acquire PARR with no financial risk whatsoever! Your course comes with a six-month unconditional guarantee!

A detailed newsletter describing the course will be sent with your free audiotape containing a deeply discounted offer.

                   Rights Reserved.